Why You Need a Mobile Version of Your Website

If you share links to your website via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) you need to be ready for mobile visitors.

First thing in the morning, as I wait for my first cup of coffee to hit my bloodstream, I’m on my phone. First, I go through email and answer anything urgent. Then, over to Facebook and catch up on what happened while I slept. And finally, I’ll open TweetDeck and go through my Twitter feed.

When I see a story I want to read, and click through, many times the linked site doesn’t have a mobile version of their site. When this happens, I end up going back and favoriting the tweet to read later. But making your site mobile-friendly isn’t difficult. In fact, if you use WordPress, you can have it done in less than 5 minutes.

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Amazon Changes Course โ€“ Allows Affiliate Links on Twitter

Amazon AssociatesNot too long ago (July 7, 2009 to be exact) there was a story out about an Amazon affiliate (or, Associate, as Amazon likes to call us) who was denied their affiliate earnings because they distributed their affiliate link via Twitter. Amazon’s reasoning, they argued, is the link was not distributed via the affiliate’s website. Shawn Collins took the extra step and added Twitter to his Amazon Associates profile, so he could share affiliate links via Twitter (but, nice many Twitter users don’t use the web interface, do you have to add every Twitter app, too?).

Today, in a complete 180, Amazon today announced Amazon Associates Now Integrates Directly with Twitter (and at the same time single-handedly creates one of the longest filenames I’ve ever seen at 130 characters).

Amazon StripeAmazon Share on TwitterOnce you’re logged into your Amazon Associates account, you’ll see a nice toolbar on top of any page you are browsing at Amazon.com. This toolbar now includes a Share on Twitter button. Click it, and you’re taken to Twitter’s web interface with your status pre-filled with some sales copy (Great deal on Amazon), the product title and a link. What’s lacking here is any disclosure (ala SponsoredTweets #ad hashtag)

Twitter Update

I was hoping to see the ability to change the default sales copy in my Site Stripe Options, but that’s not yet available.

In addition, bit.ly is used as the default shortener, but without the option to specify my bit.ly account information, the only stats I have are from Amazon themselves.

This is a great move by Amazon and based on the simplicity of the implementation, should have been done a while back. However, kudos to them for getting it live before the holiday rush.



Sponsored Tweets Review

Sponsored Tweets ReviewI recently took the time to check out Sponsored Tweets as an advertiser, and learned a bit from the whole experience. Here’s my story

I signed up as an advertiser, with minimal problems. I guess my email address was in the PayPerPost system, but I had no idea what my password was. Being the lazy guy that I am, I re-registered using my gmail address. I deposited $50 (the minimum) and got started.

Snuggie For DogsI had to pick an affiliate offer to send people to, and I chose the Snuggie for Dogs (The Blanket with Sleeves™ (for your dog)). Why? I don’t know. I figured there would be dog lovers on Twitter and they’d give some pretty witty comments in their Tweets. I ran this offer on OfferShot, as they allowed social media.

I then created the opportunity in Sponsored Tweets. The instructions field confused me a bit… I wrote instructions to the users, but some of the users just used my instructions as their tweet. I wasn’t too happy with that. Beyond the title & instructions, you can target users based on many key factors, including keywords.

Twitter Options

Sponsored Tweets Twitter options

Targeting in Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets Targeting

So I went through the process of creating an Opp(ortunity), and was given a list of users who matched my criteria, and then some. All of the celebrities, including web celebrities, are listed at the top, then the โ€œnormalโ€ users who really matched my criteria. I looked through the recommended users, found some that were just junk, one that was suspended, and eventually came up with my list, as close to $50 as possible. For this opportunity, I paid between $0.50 and $5.00 per tweet.

Paying $0.50 or $5.00 per user doesn’t tell you much – the real cost demographic was clear days later, when I was able to see the CPC per user. One of the best results I had was from lovemy2doggies โ€“ I paid $2.00 for 56 clicks, for an average of $0.04 per click.

Sponsored Tweets Stats

In the end, I paid $39.90 (some users declined my opportunity) for 203 clicks ($0.20 CPC). OfferShot showed 204 clicks, so I’d say the tracking was fairly accurate.

Sponsored Tweets statistics

Unfortunately, these 200 clicks resulted in 0 sales ๐Ÿ™

Maybe the offer price, $14.95, was too high for an impulse purchase? Maybe Sponsored Tweets works best as a method of brand awareness? Seeing as though I need to deposit $50 at a time, it makes testing a bit expensive. However, I may come back to it again someday.

As a Tweeter, I only had one offer, and declined it. However, I’m hopeful now that I changed some keywords and lowered my charge per tweet to only $1.00.

What have been your experiences with Sponsored Tweets? Have you used the service as an advertiser, or a tweeter? What do you think?



Why I Don’t Follow You on Twitter

I love Twitter as a communication tool. But I don’t follow everyone who follows me. Right now, I’m following only about 60% of my followers.

When someone new follows me, the notification gets a label in Gmail, and I go through those every day or so. Within a second or two, I decide if I’m going to follow that person back. Here are 10 reasons (in no particular order) why I don’t follow back:

  1. 0 Tweets
    0 Tweets
    If you haven’t tweeted anything, I’m not going to follow you. I don’t know what you’re going to say, and odds are, you’re just looking to spam me.
  2. You’re telling me how to get more followers
    How to get 19530 followers
  3. You Tweet in a foreign language
    English, please
    Sorry, I only speak English, PHP, and a bit of French. If you’re tweeting in another language, I’m not going to follow you.
  4. All you Tweet are links
    Just Links
    Twitter isn’t just about sharing links. Twitter asks, “What are you doing?”. If you just wanted to share links, use delicious.
  5. Keyword Trigger Auto-Follow
    I said Poken
    Just because I said “Poken” in a tweet, doesn’t mean I’m going to follow the King of Poken.
  6. Following Too Many People
    Like you care?
    If you’re following nearly 6,000 people, I know you’re not really following them. I want to know that you care about what I’m saying. If you don’t care what I’m saying, I don’t care what you have to say
  7. You Follow Me Again, and Again, and Again…
    Get a life
    I saw it the first time, and I decided not to follow you. The second time was just annoying. The third time you get blocked.
  8. All You Do is RT
    RT King
    I don’t mind a ReTweet now & again, but if that’s all you do, I’m not going to follow you. I may, however, follow the people you RT.
  9. You’re Hot
    Hot or Not?
    Sorry to all the hot chicks out there, but on Twitter, if you’re hot, you’re probably a slimeball spammer waiting to throw me dating links.
  10. Protected Tweets
    If I don’t know who you are, and you have your Tweets protected, there’s no way I’m going to follow you back.

So if you’re following me on Twitter, and I’m not following you, this is probably why. However, if you’re a real person, leave a comment below and I may follow you. I’m not mean, but I try to read every tweet from each of the people I follow, so I have to be picky.

What’s your following policy?

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