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Create a Subscription-Based Slack Team (No Programming Required)

About a year ago, Tricia and I decided to create a Slack team for affiliate marketers: Affiliate Slackers. This is a paid team, set-up with the first month free then $12.97 / month after (we decided to charge for access, to only have serious people included in the team). In the first 6 months we brought in a few hundred dollars after having spent $220 to build the site and automated subscription process. Here’s how it was built:

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Deal Alerts with FMTC’s Publisher Toolkit

Full disclaimer: I’m FMTC’s CTO and product manager for FMTC’s Publisher Toolkit. I don’t pay for my access (but would if I didn’t get it for free).

FMTC's Publisher Toolkit

FMTC aggregates, verifies, standardizes and adds meta data to coupons and deals from over 10,000 merchants and provides that data via API to enterprise customers. But FMTC’s Publisher Toolkit gives that same data to publishers and bloggers at a fraction of the price (starting at $7.99 / month).

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Revolution Slider Security Hole (and Fix)

I read today* about a vulnerability in Revolution Slider. This is a very popular plugin, and is bundled with the 2nd most popular theme on Theme Forest, X | The Theme.

*It took 3 months for the severity of this attack to go from discovery to me via a colleague. Probably partially due to the fact that I’m not on Twitter all the time, but I’m quite disappointed that Envato did not alert anyone who bought the plugin or one of the 1,197 themes with Revolution Slider embedded, warning them of this vulnerability.
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