Nagel Eric

Eric Nagel

CTO, Affiliate Marketer & IT Consultant

Name:Eric Nagel
Address:733 Delaware Rd. Suite 178
Buffalo, NY 14223
Eric Nagel is a business-savvy technology executive with experience in programming and online marketing going back to 1999. He is passionate about developing applications that allow businesses, teams and individuals to achieve their goals through automated tools and access to actionable data.


2015 - present

Affiliate Summit


Contribute thoughts, opinions, and insights into the planning of Affiliate Summit events, as well as voting on speaker proposals and Pinnacle Awards.

2014 - Nov 2017



Oversees technology development and maintenance while managing Engineering personnel, budget and resources and actively contributing as an Engineer. Contributes to strategic planning and execution.


  • Cut hosting costs by 75% while increasing reliability and availability
  • Brought new products to market
  • Streamlined processes to reduce data entry time and increase productivity
  • Incorporated Amazon Mechanical Turk into data entry process
2009 - 2014

Eric Nagel & Associates


Evolved company from full-service website design to affiliate / Internet marketing, building and maintaining revenue-generating web properties (websites). Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other services such as web analytics, lead generation/landing page design, Paid Search Marketing (PPC), social media and email marketing, blogging, and podcasting to attract customers and generate sales.


  • Achieved page 1 Google rankings for several competitive keywords and increased organic
    search traffic.
  • Named “Top Performing Affiliate” by multiple merchant programs.
  • Automated PPC bidding process for over 600 Google AdGroups.
  • Planned and executed social media marketing campaigns that maximized customers’ revenue.
2005 - 2009


Comprehensive role that encompassed project management as well as development of affiliate websites and supporting systems. Led projects through entire project development lifecycle from inception to completion.


  • Provided technical/managerial oversight to development team of local and overseas contractors.
  • Migrated portfolio of websites from shared hosting environment to dedicated hosting environment.
  • Programmed shopping search engine with parallel queries of multiple data sources.
1999 - 2005

Choice One OnLine

Manager of Operations

Promoted to direct all aspects of Web development projects. Developed RFP responses, technical requirements of proposals, and estimated number of development hours. Prepared individual, department and project schedules; coordinated with project managers, graphics designers, web developers, and programmers to deliver final product.


  • Revamped production processes, including the introduction of new scheduling and QA procedures.
  • Developed and presented training seminars on eBusiness and website design to help local businesses improve their existing Web presence.
  • Helped facilitate rapid growth by providing technical sales support to sales team and technical consulting to large clients.


2001 - 2004

University of Phoenix

MBA, eBusiness

Relevant courses include: Managerial Communication, Operations Management, Information Management In Business, E-Business Operations and E-Strategy Formulation And Implementation

1997 - 2001

SUNY at Buffalo

Bachelor’s, Computer Science


Zend PHP Certified Engineer

Certified E-Commerce Consultant

Master CIW Designer

Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence

Disney’s Approach to Quality Service

Jim Gerland

Eric’s a very bright and forward thinking “geek”. He was always open to questions and he always responded with unique and efficient ways to solve a problem or implement the solutions. Eric has grown in his professional career and his success is proof that he has always been able to accomplish any task he took on. It was a pleasure working with Eric and I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again. I would recommend Eric to any organization that was looking for a passionate and dedicated professional for their team.

Kevin Webster

Each time I’ve engaged Eric for a PHP/MySQL driven project, I’ve been thrilled with the results. His code is fantastic and well documented, and his demeanor is such that you don’t feel as though you’re working with a programmer, but more a problem solver.

If your web project needs custom PHP code, I strongly suggest you have Eric quote it. While you might find cheaper labor available, I promise you the results that Eric gives you will far surpass any “value” you see in spending a few dollars less per hour.

I don’t even quote jobs anymore. I just send them to Eric.

Flirty Aprons

Joseph Hansen

Eric’s site review for us was thoughtful, analytical, and brutal. He’s not afraid to pull any punches. Merchants need a good set of marketing eyes with relevant e-commerce experience to give them useful feedback about what works and what is not working on their site. Eric can give you this type of advice, and he does it quickly and efficiently. Two thumbs up!

Sunshine Rewards

Tricia Meyer

I really, truly appreciate the time that you spent doing this. And I have to say that I don’t disagree with a single thing in the review. Some of it is stuff we have talked about changing before and some of it made us say “How did we miss this before? That would definitely help!” Hopefully in the coming months we will be releasing a highly improved Sunshine Rewards thanks to your help!!!!

Dr. Phonez

Roger Kabir

I am not new to building sites and doing SEO for my sites, but when I asked you for help, I was expecting a canned response that you would usually expect from SEO companies. ie. change your title, add keywords, optimize your urls for keywords etc. duh! But when I got my email from you, it was more detailed and advanced than I expected. You pointed out things I could do with my site that I would not have ever thought of. Thanks for your help.

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