Automation FTW!

Automation Dilbert Cartoon

Being a programmer, and a lazy resourceful person, I love automation, and streamlining as many daily processes as possible. Sometimes a task is so simple, we just do it without thinking. That’s especially true if automating it can take one or more days. But, there’s more than just those 8 minutes you spend every day downloading some stats.



Milk Your Cash Cow

There’s been a lot of talk lately about diversification, but I’m going to talk about the opposite view. When you have a cash cow, keep milking it! What got me thinking about this is some projects I’m working on, or have worked on in the past, that are now almost dead.

The title of this post comes from Jeffrey Gitomer who says, Go milk your own cows first for new business. You can go to your neighbor’s cows and milk them or you can milk your own cows.



Fear of Public Speaking

I have this fading fear of public speaking, so whenever I get the chance, I do it. I have to get over this fear. I think my worst public speaking event has at my brother’s wedding, where I was the best man. Talk about pressure. The worst part was knowing it was coming.

Last year, I spoke at a brunch after my wife’s grandmother’s funeral. I had about 20 minutes to prepare for that one, so I quickly thought up some things, jotted down an outline, and ran with it.

While at Affiliate Summit in Miami, I attended a “session” (if you’d call it that) where attendees reflected on what they learned. I had no intention to speak, but this was the perfect opportunity to attack my fear. Here’s what I had to say:

As for some other fears, I wasn’t too fond of flying, so whenever I fly anywhere, I get a window seat and look out the window as we take off and land. Attack the fear.

My latest fear will be realized next week, when my daughter goes to school. I still don’t know how I’m going to handle that one.



The Secret to Affiliate Marketing

Yeah, right. Like there’s one secret. Let’s clear some things up:

First, it’s not a secret. Granted, everybody doesn’t know it, but everybody has been told it, or read it, or heard it. They just might not have liked what they heard, so they ignored it.

Second, there isn’t just one. There’s lots of little things that make up a successful affiliate marketer.

Here’s one from a recent conversation with my Copeac rep:

my rep: baby steps
my rep: you have the drive
my rep: which is good
my rep: but patience plays a huge roll in this field

Amit shares other secrets, but he still doesn’t talk about his niches… don’t push it 🙂