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Cloud Backup ReviewsCloud Backups is something I’m passionate about. I know the industry inside-out.

What Is “The Cloud”

“The Cloud” is the buzzword of the decade. Everything is in “The Cloud.” Before we had “The Cloud,” we had “online.” Basically, when you’re backing up your data to “the cloud,” you’re backing it up to a data center. These are big rooms filled with storage cabinets, filled with hard drives, filled with your data. I got to visit Mozy’s data center, and was amazed.

Why You Need Cloud Backups

If you have any data on your computer, you should have a backup of it. At the very least, have an external hard drive and some automated process to make sure the backup is kept up-to-date.

But in the event of theft, fire or flood (which cloud backup companies love to scare you with), your external hard drive is useless. This is the scare-tactic cloud backup companies love to push on their customers. However, I see an even better reason to backup your computer to the cloud: access.

With most cloud backup services you can access your backup from a mobile device, or other Internet-connected computer. So when I’m traveling with my netbook, I can download a file from my cloud backup as if I just downloaded it from my Desktop. The ability to get to any file on my desktop from my phone has saved me on more than one occasion.

Talk to me about what service is best for you, and grab a discount before you buy.

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