Fear of Public Speaking

I have this fading fear of public speaking, so whenever I get the chance, I do it. I have to get over this fear. I think my worst public speaking event has at my brother’s wedding, where I was the best man. Talk about pressure. The worst part was knowing it was coming.

Last year, I spoke at a brunch after my wife’s grandmother’s funeral. I had about 20 minutes to prepare for that one, so I quickly thought up some things, jotted down an outline, and ran with it.

While at Affiliate Summit in Miami, I attended a “session” (if you’d call it that) where attendees reflected on what they learned. I had no intention to speak, but this was the perfect opportunity to attack my fear. Here’s what I had to say:

As for some other fears, I wasn’t too fond of flying, so whenever I fly anywhere, I get a window seat and look out the window as we take off and land. Attack the fear.

My latest fear will be realized next week, when my daughter goes to school. I still don’t know how I’m going to handle that one.



I’m Coming Home!

It’s been a long week, even longer for Laura, but I’m coming home today! Paul and I are going to sit down & get some work done, and then I leave for the airport in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to be home… if it’s not raining, I hope to be relaxing in my hot tub tonight.

It’s been a good time, and next I have to talk to Laura about going to London in the fall. It’s hard with the kids, though… to bring them or not? I don’t think both Laura and I could go without them for this period of time – it’s OK knowing Laura is with them while I’m gone, but if we’re both gone, it’d be harder. Well, first things first: get the passports in line.

Make sure you keep up with the photos – I uploaded some more last night, including some video from our Everglades tour.

I’ll post a recap over the weekend…. or maybe while I’m stuck in Phillie later today.



Greetings from Miami

I’m writing this from Miami!! Arrived yesterday and settled in. Went to dinner at Hooter’s (where our waitress’s name was Jarely, named after Superman’s father, Jor-El) and had some wings, which weren’t as hot nor as good as the wings in Buffalo. My fault for even trying.

Then Paul & I went shopping at the Bayside Market, and returned back to the hotel for an early night. Going to see some gators today, then a cruise to see the homes on Millionaire Row.

Photos are here!