I’m Coming Home!

It’s been a long week, even longer for Laura, but I’m coming home today! Paul and I are going to sit down & get some work done, and then I leave for the airport in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to be home… if it’s not raining, I hope to be relaxing in my hot tub tonight.

It’s been a good time, and next I have to talk to Laura about going to London in the fall. It’s hard with the kids, though… to bring them or not? I don’t think both Laura and I could go without them for this period of time – it’s OK knowing Laura is with them while I’m gone, but if we’re both gone, it’d be harder. Well, first things first: get the passports in line.

Make sure you keep up with the photos – I uploaded some more last night, including some video from our Everglades tour.

I’ll post a recap over the weekend…. or maybe while I’m stuck in Phillie later today.

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