A Tribute to Matt McWilliams

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Since I decided to learn & master harmonica, Matt McWilliams has taken it upon himself to become my booking agent & signed me up as the entertainment for the ShareASale Think Tank.

Shortly afterwards, Todd Farmer (who’s using Learn and Master Guitar) inquired if I were available for a gig in Michigan around the 4th of July, so I dropped in on the 3rd and Todd and I had a little jam session, including a tribute to Matt McWilliams

Premiering today, here is Nagel & Farmer’s, Tribute to Matt McWilliams

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Matt McWilliams
AM of the Year
Matt McWilliams
He’s really awesome, so I hear

Chillin Poolside at the Farmer’s
A new FourSquare check-in for me
I hear the mayor’s quite a charmer
It’s the happ’nin place to be

Matt McWilliams
AM of the Year
Matt McWilliams
We can only play by ear

I wanted to make some money
And learn to play guitar
So I called Matt McWilliams
Now I’m a rich affilite rock star!

Matt McWilliams
AM of the Year
Matt McWilliams
We wish you were here

Legacy Learning Systems
Get your links from ShareASale
Make lots of money with ’em
‘Cause they convert so well

Matt McWilliams
AM of the Year
Matt McWilliams
Mention this song, and he’ll buy you a beer

Just Fun
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  1. Geno Prussakov
    2754 days ago

    I must admit, this is the first time in my life that I see affiliates put together and record a song tribute to an affiliate program manager. WTG, Mr. McWilliams!

  2. Todd Farmer
    2754 days ago

    And I must admit – it was a lot of fun! Thanks for checkin’ in at “Poolside at the Farmer’s”, Eric! We must do it again soon.

  3. Matt McWilliams
    2754 days ago

    I am utterly speechless.

    Well done sirs. The vocals need a little work but the guitar and harmonica were brilliant!

  4. Eric Nagel
    2754 days ago

    Well, if you had “Learn & Master Singing”, then we’d sound better! Todd’s a much better singer than I am. Luckily my harmonica only had a small bit in this production

  5. Matt McWilliams
    2754 days ago

    Funny you should mention that.

    Our CEO used to be at http://singingsuccess.com/

    No ties now but I hear great things about them.

  6. Kellie Stevens
    2754 days ago

    LOL that’s great. I think. 🙂

  7. Matt McWilliams
    2753 days ago

    Guys, your song just made iTunes in our latest podcast 🙂



  8. Stephanie Lichtenstein
    2750 days ago

    You guys are dorks… I want a song! 🙂

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