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Affiliate SummitOne of the greatest innovations to Affiliate Summit since early registration (Saturday before the show) is probably the interactive scheduler, which allows you to select from the sessions and create your schedule for the show.

I’ve created my schedule, and have a little tip which may help you out, if you use Google Calendar.

Click on the “My Schedule” tab (which would be yours, not mine), then you’ll see a yellow box with options on how to view your schedule, one of which is an iCal feed.

Copy that link, then go to Google Calendar and in the left column, choose Add > Add by URL

Paste in your iCal URL, and your schedule will now appear in Google Calendar! I set the calendar to TXT me 15 minutes before something starts, so I know where I’m going next. Just be careful if you do this from a different timezone (I’m in NY, so NYC is the same for me). You’ll have to go into your calendar settings & adjust the timezone.

So now that I have my conference schedule figured out, where’s the party list?

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  1. Tricia Meyer
    3059 days ago

    Thanks for the tip! I’m just starting to pull my schedule together and was wondering if there was an easy way to get it to my Google calendar.

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