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Learn & Master Harmonica

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Learn & Master HarmonicaI’ve been wanting to learn a musical instrument for some time… I played the drums when I was younger, but gave up on that (dumb decision!). I can goof around on the piano and play a couple songs, mostly by ear, but I’ve never been good at reading music (drums were different – I could read the length of a note, but not which key). The Scottish in me wanted to try Bagpipes, but that’s a huge commitment. So I decided on the harmonica.

Why the harmonica? Because it fits nicely in my pocket, and I didn’t think it’d be too hard to learn. I thought it’s be a fun thing to have at Cub Scout campouts, too.

So I picked up a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica in C from Amazon and Instant Harmonica: Quick and Easy Instruction for the Beginner. I love the harmonica I chose, and the book was a good intro. However, now I’m stuck.

I’ve been bugging my friend Matt McWilliams on creating a Learn & Master course for harmonica, as they don’t have one now. To help to to persuade him, I wrote Matt a little song:


I’m writing this little song
For my buddy Matt McWilliams
He’s a cool affiliate manager
For Legacy Learning Systems

But I’ve got a little problem
and even Matt can’t help me out
I wanted to learn to play the harmonica
But there’s no course for that

So now this is all I can do
Just 4 simple notes
And Matt’s got me booked
As the entertainment for the ShareASale Think Tank!

Hopefully Matt can show this to the powers that be, and they’ll make a Learn & Master Harmonica course 🙂

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