Eric Thomas To Keynote Affiliate Summit West

Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher, has been scheduled to Keynote at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January, 2012.

I first recommended Eric to Shawn back in March, but Affiliate Summit already had the keynote speakers lined up for this summer’s show. Then Jon Spoelstra had to cancel, leaving an opening keynote to be filled. I hoped ET and Affiliate Summit could work out a deal for Eric to fill in, but it didn’t work out in time for #ASE11. However, they did reach a deal to have ET Keynote at #ASW12!

If you’ve never heard of Eric Thomas, you’re not alone. When I think of motivational speakers, I think of guys who are full of shit. But Eric lays it all out. His YouTube series, Thank God It’s Monday, is worth subscribing to, and often is what kicks off a great week for me.

His most popular video, Secrets to Success, has only been viewed over 300,000+ times (I’m probably 12 of those times). Here it is for you:

The timing of ET Keynoting at Affiliate Summit West is perfect, as his book, The Secrets To Success, has just been released. If ET inspires thousands of affiliate marketers during the closing keynote, he’ll have quite a sales force out there, promoting his book for him.

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  1. Daniel M. Clark
    2665 days ago

    What timing… truly bizarre. I’d never heard of this guy in my life. Two days ago, Jared from JensenUSA shared a video with me and a group that we’re in that was portions this very speech set to footage of an athlete training. I vaguely wondered as I watched it who the speaker was, but I didn’t follow up to find out who it was. Thanks for saving me the time!

    Really looking forward to seeing him live.

  2. Tee
    2665 days ago

    I think ET is a fantastic addition to the Affiliate Summit West lineup. It makes me want to hustle harder to get these sales up so that I can buy my tickets right now.

    • Eric Nagel
      2665 days ago

      Work hard (and smart) – Affiliate Summit will change your life. The contacts you’ll meet will be worth the trip. Maybe I can help out with a Gold pass giveaway on my blog…

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