Business Cards that Get Noticed

If you’ve met me at Affiliate Summit in either Vegas or NY City this year, you’ve probably gotten one of my nice business cards. In Vegas I made custom playing cards by Bicycle and for ASE in NY, I made up credit cards (I was going to do metro cards, but they didn’t provide much space for creativity). The credit cards were printed by, complete with rounded corners, embossed numbers, magnetic strip with encoded data, and a signature panel.

ASE09 Card - Front ASE09 Card - Back

I was rather bummed when I saw a credit card design in Shoemoney’s business card contest, especially since I had ordered mine before that post… and then the credit card design was chosen as the winner! Well I saw Jeremy at Affiliate Summit & gave him one of my cards, and asked for one of his. While he didn’t have any on him, he said they were simply printed on paper. I expected so much more from him!

I had some data encoded on the magnetic strip, and in the fine print on the back of the card, stated that if someone finds out what it is, they’ll win a prize (well, I said “maybe” because I don’t want to give away 100 prizes). So far, nobody’s stepped up to claim that prize. Apparently the cards do NOT work in credit card terminals, but I verified the cards do have data on them, as I bought a USB reader off eBay to test a few of them. However, you don’t need a card reader: there’s a hint on the back of the card. 😉

ASW09 Card - FrontIf you’re going to make up fancy cards, only get about 100 of them, and keep some traditional cards on you for fish-bowl drops and to exchange with people you don’t need to impress.

I feel like I have to out-do myself for Vegas in January. I’m not going to copy Peter Shankman‘s poker chip idea (especially after the TSA gave him a hard time about bringing on so many poker chips in his carry-on baggage!). I could always go back to playing cards.



Getting Noticed

While at Affiliate Summit, one of the sessions I attended was Get Noticed Fast, a panel moderated by @LisaP and consisting of @StephARC, @MikeBuechele, @TrishaLyn and @JGoode. This session really made me think, as my personal brand was all over the place.

On Twitter I’m @esnagel, but my blog was, which included my personal ramblings, family life, and some affiliate stuff. But during the Get Noticed Fast panel, I came up with a plan to start rebranding myself.

The first step was to take the old and install a new blog, which you’re reading now, and move all of the affiliate marketing posts here. That’s done, and they’re all permanently redirected to

Then I turned off comments on any old posts, and set the homepage to simply be our lifestream. I removed much of the sidebar and navigation as well. I like having the history there, but won’t be making any more blog posts.

So now I need to start blogging here on With my background, a lot of the posts will be rather technical, but all related to Internet marketing.

I’m also looking to get my name out on other blogs, which started this morning on Murray Newlands’ affiliate marketing blog in a post about me as a US & UK Affiliate

Let me know what topics you’d like to see covered, and if I know something about it, I’ll try to cover them.