From New Merchant to List of Opportunities

So I copied those categories and made 2 lists out of them: singular and plural.

Then I removed all spaces, and ended each term with a .com (creative find / replaces make this easy)

Then dump that list of potential domains into GoDaddy’s Bulk Search. This will tell you which are available, and which are already taken.

Next, copy the available domains back to your text file, remove the .com, and break into multiple keywords again (so amishcomputerdesks.com becomes Amish computer desks).

Copy that list, and paste it into the Google AdWords’ Keywords Tool. Make sure you check Only show ideas closely related to my search terms and then hit Search.

Finally, download all keywords as a CSV for Excel, and you can identify keywords that may have enough volume to create a site around. Some good ones from this list:

  • amish glider
  • amish bookcases (sorry, taken now)
  • amish coffee table
  • amish end table
  • amish dining room tables
  • amish dresser
  • amish kitchen table

Check out the merchant’s site, figure out commissions etc. (5% on an Amish glider is about $40) and decide on the site you want to build.

Remember: don’t just copy / paste the merchant’s data, or use their datafeed word-for-word. Create unique content. And you can build a product-driven affiliate website without even using a datafeed (see An Affiliate Website Anyone Can Build)

If you build a site using this information, let me know!

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  1. Amanda Miller
    1876 days ago

    Thanks so much for sharing. You’ll do really well I bet.. I’ve worked on a few hundred furniture sites for others.. In a non-compete right now or else I’d jump on that train..

    Amish is a great word. As is mission, french, tuscan, italian, country..

  2. Joe Zepernick
    1870 days ago

    Great share Eric. I looked up some stuff and there’s still some goodies available 🙂

  3. Drewry
    1820 days ago


    You’re doing a fantastic job on your search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

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