I’m Heading to Vegas!

Last summer, while at Affiliate Summit East, I bought my pass for Affiliate Summit West and booked my hotel room. I figured if I wasn’t going, I could sell my conference pass and simply cancel my hotel room. Well, I’m going, but with a few changes to my plans…

Staying at the conference hotel is nice, but the price was killing me! $693.24 for a studio suite? I checked RCI but they didn’t have anything I wanted in their Extra Vacations, so I went over to eBay and found a seller who hooked me up with a 2-bedroom suite at the Wyndham Grand Desert.

2-bedroom Suite at the Wyndham

2-bedroom Suite at the Wyndham

With my 10% off eBay coupon (SWEET!), I was able to add 3 days to my time in Vegas, upgrade to a 2-bedroom suite, and it only cost me another $25.86. Sure, I had to add a rental car ($102 plus $55 IN TAXES & SURCHARGES!) and some taxi fares, but it’s well worth it. I logged in to Southwest to change my flight, and was very happy to find there was no fee to change my flight home! How could I turn down an offer like this?

Take a look at these photos of the resort:

Sitting room

Sitting room

Wyndham Grand Desert Pool

Wyndham Grand Desert Pool

Wyndham Grand Desert at Night

Wyndham Grand Desert at Night

Now that I have a 2-bedroom suite and some days to have fun in Vegas, I invited my buddy Josh to come out with me after the conference. Since he works at a local college, he’s got 4 weeks off in December & January so I figured he couldn’t turn this down. He’ll be flying out the last day of Affiliate Summit, then we’ll explore Vegas and the surrounding area… then fly home just in time to celebrate my 30th birthday with the family.

Now I just have to find some things to do… I’ll be at the 3rd Annual CAMA Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues Sunday before Affiliate Summit. I’m not into gambling, but I will walk through the casinos and find some nice places to eat. I wouldn’t mind catching a couple show and I’ll probably head up to Lake Mead, too, for some outdoor recreational type things.

See you in Vegas!

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  1. Ian Fernando
    3668 days ago

    that is awesome! we will catch up and nice place

  2. Mark Stanley
    3665 days ago

    Found your site via Steve Poland and saw this posting.

    I’m an RCI member and we traded to stay in Vegas last year and stayed here. It’s a nice place (ours was only a 1-bedroom), but to me it’s not so much where you stay as long as you’re close to things.

    This place is like 3 blocks off the strip right on Harmon, so it’s a very quick drive to the strip (you come out next to Planet Hollywood and opposite the HUGE Project CityCenter that is being built).

    Anyways, I love Vegas and think this place was great to stay for the proximity to the strip – and it’s a nice place to boot.

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