ASW10 Day 2

Affiliate Summit continued on Monday, starting with breakfast then Dr. Robert Cialdini’s keynote.

After the keynote, I ran through the Exhibit Hall, but wasn’t too impressed this time around. “It’s not you, it’s me.” Previously, I would have talked to everyone, took every pen, stress ball and whatever SWAG they were giving away and dropped 150 business cards. This time, I stopped at one booth but was able to sneak in, get the flyer about their network, and get out, completely unnoticed.

I then went to Wil Reynolds’ session on fixing failing SEO efforts. I took so many quality notes from Wil’s session that it will be it’s own blog post in the near future.Notes on Wil Reynolds’ session

Lunch followed, where Peter Shankman amazed me with his ability to speak faster than any person I ever met. However, in doing so, I was able to get a summary of his session (Self-Promotion Will Save The World) in about 3 minutes, freeing me up for that time slot. Maybe it was talking with Peter, or maybe it was Vegas being Vegas, but after lunch I popped some Advil and rested in my room for a bit.

That afternoon, Wade from GTO Management and I went to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (made popular by the show, Pawn Stars) where I met the “Old Man” and took some photos (will post when I get home).

Still nursing the headache (I wasn’t even drinking the night before! I think in 3 days, I only had 3 glasses of wine!) I went back up to my room & rested before joining Emilio and Andy of ARC for dinner at Stratta at the Wynn. While I would have preferred being with my family on my birthday, Emilio took great care of me, and the dinner was delicious!

I then attended the Trivia Tweetup, which was a nice quiet get-together. We then headed over to McFadden’s for the makebeer.net get together.

Press passDay 3, the final day, is now upon us. I’m wrapping up in the blogger’s lounge, and heading over to breakfast.

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  1. Vinny O’Hare
    3225 days ago

    Great recap, it was great talking to you.

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  4. Joel Garcia
    3223 days ago

    I still think you and Wade should have tried selling something to the guys at the Pawn Shop. 🙂 Great seeing you at Summit, Eric.

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