Sunday was day 1 of Affiliate Summit, which for me started with breakfast with CAMA. Like I said yesterday, small meals like this is where the real deals get done at Affiliate Summit. A product I was emailed about a couple weeks ago (and ignored) was given as samples at breakfast. I got to talk to the merchant and GTO Management, and decided to promote it.

I skipped the first round of sessions to hit the Meet Market before it got too crazy. But I did attend Monetizing Blogs in the second round. The first half of the session was all about what blogging software to use, what content to create, and what plugins to use. This was rather disappointing, as it had nothing to do with monetizing blogs. The second half was much more on point, covering affiliate programs, paid posts, and (what I thought was the best tip), adding data feeds of related products to the end of a post. If the entire session was based on the content of the second half, this would have been a better session (or, if the name of the session was changed)

In session 3 I attended the Video session and didn’t know what to expect. Last time I heard Rosalind Gardner talk, she had a sore throat and her self-intro was 20 minutes long. This time, I’m pleased to say, the intros lasted only a few minutes, and Jeremy and Rosalind got right into the content. After throwing numerous stats on how big video is, they got into some really useful points on the equipment, software, and best practices to rank in YouTube.

After the sessions, I had dinner with Jeremy Palmer (highlight of my trip!) and got some really useful tips and motivation to keep going down the path I’m on. Then I hit up the mentor meetup and then the ShareASale party for a bit. Unfortunately, my nap after the ShareASale party lasted 9 hours, and I missed the Bowling for Boobies 🙁

Now Day 2 is going… time for breakfast!

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  1. Wish I could have been at two places at once this weekend. I thought there was no CAMA this time? We’ll talk more this week. Happy Birthday buddy.

  2. Eric Nagel says:

    Hey Mike – yeah, breakfast with CAMA was very small & thrown together at the last minute. But, the smaller the better – I’m pumped to start promoting the Fruit of the Spirit I tried.

  3. Karen Garcia says:

    We’re so glad you joined us for breakfast Eric…it was nice to be able to catch up away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor and we’re glad you liked Fruit of the Spirit!

    Michael, we should be back with the regular sized CAMA event in New York. The House of Blues in Vegas coudn’t make up it’s mind whether it was having the Gospel Brunch or not, so we opted for a very relaxed meet up at the Rio Buffet instead.

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