Affiliate Summit is kicking off in Las Vegas, and yesterday was day 0 – the unofficial start. After a cramped flight in from Buffalo and a rather long shuttle bus ride, I arrived at the Rio and checked into my room right away. After a quick nap, I met a couple of friends down at registration, then had dinner with James Seligman, Eric SchechterFrom Clickbooth, Logan Thompson and David D Ochoa. This is where the real deals get done: face to face networking. The food at Martorano’s was amazing – thanks James!

After dinner we checked into the charity poker tournament where James, Logan, David and I all picked table 5 – that made for a lively game 🙂 I quickly lost my first 1,000 in chips, and bought in for another 1,000. I thought I’d be knocked out by 9:30, but actually played fairly late into the night.

That wrapped up the day for me; unfortunately, my body was still on East Coast time, so Sunday morning I was up at 5am, ready to go! Too bad the rest of the world was still asleep…

Now Day 1 is kicking off, and the buzz around the conference is amazing. Seeing old friends and meeting new is just great. If you see me around the conference, say hi!

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  1. I LOL at your post. Eric_CB, hehe. Where is the link love?

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