Angry Poken Ninja

Ninja PokenThis is Chuck. He’s my angry Poken Ninja. Why is he angry? Because he has no friends.

Well, that’s not entirely true, he has 2 friends: Shawn & Missy – but they met before I got Chuck. But since Chuck came into my house, he hasn’t met anyone new.

Poken are these little devices that “talk” to each other via RFID (or something like that). When they’re near each other (or, in Pokenese, when they “high-four”) they swap IDs. Then, when you login to, you see the contact info for the person you high-foured.

The nice thing is if someone changes their phone number, or e-mail, or… whatever, you have that change. The bad thing is I have nobody else to high-four. So even though there are people I know, and talk to regularly, if our Pokens didn’t meet, its like we don’t know each other.

Will this Poken craze take off? What’s needed to make it succeed? Personally, I think my Poken will soon find a spot on the shelf, only to collect dust. What do you think?

Whether or not Pokens will go mainstream, I wanted to thank Shawn for sending me my Poken! Now I just need to find him some friends.