oneNetworkDirect Welcomes New York Affiliates

oneNetworkDirect LogoIt’s always a pain when a merchant doesn’t allow you in their program because of the NY Advertising Tax (Amazon Tax, Affiliate Tax, etc). But when an entire network doesn’t let you even apply, it’s a real pain.

oneNetworkDirect is a network that previously closed their doors to all NY affiliates. However, today, that changed!

I am pleased to announce that as of September 2, 2009 Digital River has filed in the state of New York. Because of this, we are now free to accept affiliates into oneNetworkDirect who are residing in the state of New York.

I’d like to invite you to create a new account at and get started today. We have several new programs and promotions, and a pipeline full of new merchants. I also encourage you to watch the blog for new program launches, product revs and special promotions here.

If you’re promoting any type of software, you need to check out oneNetworkDirect.

This is great news for NY Affiliates – thanks, oneNetworkDirect!

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  1. Fahad
    2362 days ago

    Hello Eric,

    I am a developer. One of my client(publisher) need to use onenetworkdirect api for fetching his approved advertisers and their links.
    I am using php. Can you suggest me some same php code and instructions for achieving this.


  2. Fahad
    2361 days ago

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your help.
    Do you have any working sample like the post This helps me a lot for GAN.


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