Earn More “Best Answer”s in Yahoo Answers

Depending on your niche, Yahoo Answers can be a source of some quality traffic. Getting your answer declared the “Best Answer” not only gives you points for your profile, but also gives more credibility to your account.

Sometimes, the asker choses the best answer quickly, and if that’s your answer, you get the points. But many times, the asker never choses the best answer, and it’s left to the voting public to chose.

So the other day I received a notice that my answer was voted the “Best Answer”, and got the credit. That prompted me to login to my account, and review my answers to other unresolved, or “In Voting”, questions.

When you vote for the best answer to a question, you don’t see who the author is, but you should be able to identify your answer based on writing style and sources. So go ahead and vote for your answer.

I did this the other day and voted on 9 questions that I took the time to answer, which where in the voting phase. Within 20 minutes or so, I received 9 emails that my answers were chosen as the best!

Now this may be considered cheating, although they don’t specifically mention this method as such. Don’t be surprised if your account is banned, but mine’s going strong, with 65% “Best Answer”.

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