Consuming Blog Posts at 800 WPM

Spritz - Read FasterThe average person reads at 250-300 WPM, but I’ve discovered a way to read blog posts and other online content up to 3x faster.

I saw a post about Spritz, which has spent 3 years developing the technology that eliminates eye movement when reading and… well, read it here.

How do I use Spritz? The OpenSpritz Bookmarklet! Get this bookmarklet installed in your browser toolbar, and the text on the page is automatically selected and streamed to you. Now I usually read posts at 750 or 800 WPM, instead of just Boomeranging them to read later. For example, I read this post in 3 minutes.

The bookmarklet isn’t perfect: there’s no pause button. And sometimes you get jQuery conflicts. And you can’t Spritz a page twice without reloading it. But it’s a great start. Oh, and the author made the initial version in 15 minutes. It took me longer to write this blog post.

Because of this, I’m sharing a lot more on my Twitter account, because I can read a lot more.

Thanks to Kevin, Greg and Ray for the inspiration to look for a Spritz solution that can be used in blog posts! I can’t wait for Spritz to be integrated with my Kindle.

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  1. Kevin
    1743 days ago

    Yeah, I need to investigate this myself. I have a lot of information to consume right now,and speed aids would be a tremendous asset.

  2. Kush A.
    1741 days ago

    “I can’t wait for Spritz to be integrated with my Kindle.” – ditto! When that day arrives I’ll finally buy a Kindle and pay for the software, might even cancel the audible subscription 😀

    Thanks for the tip Eric.

  3. Rich Jones
    1740 days ago

    Thanks for writing about OpenSpritz on your blog!

    With the new OpenSpritz 1.1, we’ve added a pause button and fixed the jQuery conflicts so it should work on more sites. 1.2 will come out soon with even more features and fixes!

  4. Joe Zepernick
    1734 days ago

    That looks pretty cool. Watched the video of the traditional read and watching the eyeball scan left to right made me tired just looking at it lol.. Would be a pretty neat technology to try. Anything to read more efficiently would be well worth it.

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