Consuming Blog Posts at 800 WPM

Spritz - Read FasterThe average person reads at 250-300 WPM, but I’ve discovered a way to read blog posts and other online content up to 3x faster.

I saw a post about Spritz, which has spent 3 years developing the technology that eliminates eye movement when reading and… well, read it here.

How do I use Spritz? The OpenSpritz Bookmarklet! Get this bookmarklet installed in your browser toolbar, and the text on the page is automatically selected and streamed to you. Now I usually read posts at 750 or 800 WPM, instead of just Boomeranging them to read later. For example, I read this post in 3 minutes.

The bookmarklet isn’t perfect: there’s no pause button. And sometimes you get jQuery conflicts. And you can’t Spritz a page twice without reloading it. But it’s a great start. Oh, and the author made the initial version in 15 minutes. It took me longer to write this blog post.

Because of this, I’m sharing a lot more on my Twitter account, because I can read a lot more.

Thanks to Kevin, Greg and Ray for the inspiration to look for a Spritz solution that can be used in blog posts! I can’t wait for Spritz to be integrated with my Kindle.

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