Eric Nagel

Eric Nagel

CTO, PHP Programmer, Affiliate Marketer & IT Consultant

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Looking to get more out of your e-commerce or affiliate site? Why not try a fresh set of eyes looking over it for you?

Since 1996, I’ve been building professional websites for businesses across the US and the world. As an Internet marketing consultant, when reviewing your site I can focus on

  • aesthetics
  • usability
  • conversions
  • search engine optimization
  • social media
  • localized marketing
  • site security

…with great (sometimes painful) attention paid to the details.

How Much?

My rate for consulting is $200 / hr, with a 5-hour minimum commitment. While I do not update this page regularly, I’m typically booked 2-3 weeks in advance. Contact me to check current availability.

Another service offered is an SEO Audit, which includes a one-time report and follow-up phone conversation.

Why Eric?

My extensive education and experience make me the ideal person for your internet marketing consulting needs.

Education, Training & Certifications

UBWhile earning my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UB, I took a job at a local website design company. My Flash skills (I could move a logo across the screen) landed me the job, although I kept telling them I was a programmer! Eventually I proved that to them, and was soon head of the programming department.

University of PhoenixAfter completing my undergraduate degree, I swore off school. Six months later, I was enrolled in the MBA program through the University of Phoenix, focusing on eBusiness. What I thought would be a few years of paying the bills and logging in to their systems a couple times per week turned out to be 3-4 hours of reading, writing and discussing the assignments with fellow students 5-6 nights per week for the next 2-½ years of my life.

CIW Master Designer
CIW Master Designer

While earning my MBA, I was promoted to Manager of Operations, at one time being responsible for 15 designers, developers, programmers and project managers. During this time, I also completed Certified Internet Webmaster training (CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer, CIW E-Commerce Designer) designating me as a Master CIW Designer.

Certified E-Commerce Consultant
Certified E-Commerce Consultant

Shortly after CIW training, I continued my education and became a Certified E-Commerce Consultant, allowing me to further focus on e-commerce consulting and optimization.

Zend Certified Engineer
Zend Certified Engineer

Finally, I earned Zend PHP Certified Engineer designation, which trains and tests candidates on various PHP concepts, including data formats & types (XML, SOAP, REST), object-oriented PHP programming, security and more.


In the Affiliate Marketing community, I’ve spoken at both Affiliate Summit and ShareASale Think Tank. In 2010 I was nominated for the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate of the Year and in 2011 won for Best Blogger.

I’ve been published in FeedFront magazine and serve on the Advisory Council for Greg Hoffman Consulting.

In addition, when we have something to share, I podcast with Jason Rubacky on Both Sides of the Tracks.


Here’s what others have said about my consultations:

I am not new to building sites and doing SEO for my sites, but when I asked you for help, I was expecting a canned response that you would usually expect from SEO companies. ie. change your title, add keywords, optimize your urls for keywords etc. duh! But when I got my email from you, it was more detailed and advanced than I expected. You pointed out things I could do with my site that I would not have ever thought of. Thanks for your help.

Dr. Phonez

I really, truly appreciate the time that you spent doing this. And I have to say that I don’t disagree with a single thing in the review. Some of it is stuff we have talked about changing before and some of it made us say “How did we miss this before? That would definitely help!” Hopefully in the coming months we will be releasing a highly improved Sunshine Rewards thanks to your help!!!!

Tricia Meyer

Eric’s site review for us was thoughtful, analytical, and brutal. He’s not afraid to pull any punches. Merchants need a good set of marketing eyes with relevant e-commerce experience to give them useful feedback about what works and what is not working on their site. Eric can give you this type of advice, and he does it quickly and efficiently. Two thumbs up!

Joseph Hansen
Flirty Aprons

Getting Started

Contact me to get started. It’s free to send me an email 😉

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