Digital Curation with Scott Jangro

ShareistCuration was a hot keyword in 2011, and it’s going strong into 2012. Scott Jangro, creator of Shareist, held a session at Affiliate Summit West on Digital Curation, which answered some of my questions about what curation is, and why I (as an affiliate) should care.

Digital Curation with Scott Jangro

Digital Curation with Scott Jangro

The beginning of Scott’s presentation reaffirmed that affiliates should build sites with their future audience in mind. He then went on to discuss the (brief) history of curation, from a museum curator to Curation Nation to Scobleizer’s The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators to today’s digital curation tools.

Here are my notes:



Link Building with Robert Adler

Robert Adler of Microsite Masters (@Bofu2U) presented a session on Link Building at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas.

Link Building with Robert Adler

Link Building with Robert Adler

Adler started his session with a definition of link building that was different than what is normally thought of in the SEO community. SEOers look for links that are keyword rich, and ideally do-follow. Robert, however, will take just about any link.

He then went on to show how a site can move around the SERPs until it settles into its new position, and discussed what metrics may influence ranking.

The different shades of SEOers were defined (white, gray, black) followed by examples of the different types of links you could get back to your site.

This wasn’t your typical link building session, which may have turned off a few attendees (including the one who blamed Robert spamming his forum and wasting 20 minutes out of his day, every day). However, as an affiliate, it’s important to understand the many different types of link builders out there, what tactics they use, and how to compete against them.

Here are my raw notes:



How to Quadruple Revenue Using Existing Traffic

Timothy Kerber (CEO of MemberGate Solutions), moderated a panel at Affiliate Summit West 2012 consisting of Mike Allen, (Shopping-Bargains.com), Tim Ash (SiteTuners and author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions) and Jennifer Myers Ward (ebove & beyond) on How to Quadruple Revenue Using Existing Traffic.

Tim, Jennifer & Mike talk about increasing revenue

Tim, Jennifer & Mike talk about increasing revenue

While the target audience was listed as affiliates / publishers, I personally think merchants who attended got more out of the content, as affiliates can pre-sell then direct the user where to buy, but it’s the merchant who can really increase revenue via cross-sells, upsells and a simple checkout process.

Here are my notes from the session, slightly cleaned up and important parts highlighted




Google Affiliate Network API PHP Script

Google Affiliate Network

I was excited when I read Google had released an API for their Affiliate Network, as I wanted to automate pulling sales data from GAN. But I quickly became disheartened when I realized how difficult it is to use.

Since this was for myself, and not a web-based service that would be used by others, the Simple API method of authorization was good enough. After getting it to work with Picasa, but not GAN, I asked for some help and was introduced to the OAuth 2.0 Playground. This showed me the headers I’d need to send, and how OAuth 2.0 works.

For the record: the Google Affiliate Network API does NOT support Simple API Access. You cannot access the service with an API Key and IP locking.

I now have a working script, and have written up step-by-step instructions on how you can pull orders from GAN automatically each day.

This script is not complete, as it’s up to you to do something with the data once you have it. You can also modify the final call to pull advertisers, instead of orders.

How To & Tips


Adding Microformatted Breadcrumbs to Thesis

I received an email the other day asking how I added my breadcrumbs to my Thesis site.

On the site, they look like this:

Microformat Breadcrumbs

Microformat Breadcrumbs

But in the search results, they appear like this:

Thesis RDF Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs in Search Results

In the search results, the title is linked to the blog post, while the category is linked to the category page.

Here’s how I do it in Thesis

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From New Merchant to List of Opportunities

I saw a new merchant come across ShareASale today: Online Amish Furniture. I probably only looked at them because I found it funny that the Amish are selling online…

And yes, I know this site has leaks all over it. As an affiliate, part of your job is to educate the merchant (or point them to an OPM or some Merchant Affiliate Program Training)

But what was interesting were the links at the bottom of their site

Online Amish Furniture categories

Online Amish Furniture categories

These just screamed at me: Exact-Match Domains!

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On-Site SEO

MeetupOn September 27, I presented about On-Site SEO at the Affiliate Summit Toronto Meetup Group at Syndicate in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Eric Nagel speaking at the Affiliate Summit Toronto Meetup Group

Eric Nagel speaking at the Affiliate Summit Toronto Meetup Group

Liz Gazer of Growthspurt Media organized the event; Eric Schwarzer also spoke with this presentation, 16 random things you can do to improve your productivity, mindset and achieve bigger goals. Eric is full of energy, but if you can get him to focus for a minute, you’ll see he’s a true genius (and a great speaker).

Download PDF IconDownload a PDF of my On-Site SEO presentation from the Affiliate Summit Toronto Meetup Group.



Buying & Selling Websites Affiliate Summit Session

Matt Mckiewicz, founder of flippa.com, presented a great session at Affiliate Summit titled, Buying & Selling Established Websites for Profit.

Matt Mckiewicz speaking about Buying & Selling Established Websites for Profit

If you read my review of Wil Reynolds’ Keynote, you may remember he talked about the power of one: the one person or one session that made all of the time and money you put into getting to Affiliate Summit worth it. For me, this may be that session. I even toyed with the idea of not doing a write-up, as I found this information to be that valuable, but I’ll share it with you.



Merchant Basics Affiliate Summit Session

Deb Carney (aka Loxly) and Jeff Grill presented at Affiliate Summit in a session titled, Merchant Basics. So why did I, an affiliate, attend a session aimed at merchants? A few reasons:

  1. Deb and I have done podcasts together, educating merchants on how to run a successful affiliate program. She, from the merchant / OPM side and I as an affiliate. It’s good to make sure you and your partner are on the same page (more on this later).
  2. I was representing the press (as a blogger) and didn’t want to just cover affiliate sessions.